Internet Connection Speed Test

Introduction and Instructions

What: A bandwidth speed test is an effective way for individuals and businesses to measure the speed of their connection to the internet. This test checks and records internet speeds for Larimer County, seeking data to gain a better understanding of areas with insufficient internet connectivity, where there is not a plan in place to provide adequate service in the foreseeable future.

Who: This speed test focuses on residents and businesses within Larimer County's unserved and underserved areas, but encourage all residents of the County to complete a speed test to better map collective connection speeds.

Where: While this speed test is for the purpose of addressing areas of Larimer County that do not have adequate or any internet service, all areas are encouraged take the test in order to map comparisons of speeds throughout the County.

Why: To validate existing data about internet service projects that have been completed; to better prioritize resources in addressing connectivity problems, and know how large of an effort this will be. The speed test will help Larimer County determine what type of partner it can be with regard to broadband improvements.


As part of completing the speed test, please complete the survey questions to help map the presence and level of broadband service in your neighborhood / area and throughout Larimer County. If you are unable to take the speed test due to technical issues, please contact Conduct the speed test from your personal or business computer, public connection or mobile device. Close all other applications and streaming media for the most accurate results. If you are taking the test over WIFI, please stand close to your Router when performing the the speed test. Thank you.

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